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From laying building foundations to completing the final touches, Leica iCON build serves as the specialized software for layout, as-built, and verification tasks in construction projects. Elevate site performance and productivity through its innovative software design, intelligent digital workflows, and user-friendly interface tailored specifically for construction experts.

The user-friendly iCON site software seamlessly incorporates heavy construction workflows with the build functionality of layout and as-built, giving the additional functionality of volume calculations and reporting, cut and fill as well as stake slopes. Paired with the durable and intelligent iCON construction hardware, it becomes the perfect on-site companion for foremen, construction surveyors, and machine operators, offering unmatched support and efficiency.




Running on your iCON field controller and working with TPS or GNNS sensors, Leica iCON site and build  applications cater to various stages of heavy construction projects. Featuring intelligent digital workflows, these applications enhance performance and precision across all site tasks. Whether you’re involved in stakeout activities for points, lines, and surfaces, or conducting cut and fill calculations, iCON site equips you with the necessary tools to enhance quality, minimize errors, and optimise the entire construction workflow. Moreover, specialised features like drill patterns for rock blasting and differential milling ensure that there’s an ideal iCON solution for every task at the construction site.

Seamless Map Visualization –  Effortlessly navigate through 2D, 3D, and BIM design data using intuitive map controls, such as Smart Zoom & Auto-Pan. Take charge of data and graphical elements within the map through Point Lists, File & Layer controls, and ingenious viewing options. With intuitive icons, color-coded layout results, and workflow wizards, make informed decisions confidently. Experience enhanced map functionality through features like Split Screen and 3D graphics, offering a clear representation of data.

Roading – Each layer beneath the asphalt plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and longevity of a road. With the roading application integrated into the iCON site field software, there’s no room for compromise. This application offers a precise road construction workflow, boasting millimeter accuracy and leveraging detailed road design models. Even in the face of last-minute design modifications, swiftly adjust with features like hold cross-slope or create cross-sections. Additionally, ensure everyone on-site is aligned with the latest design by seamlessly sharing it across various machine control systems and stakeout specialists through the cloud connectivity of Leica ConX.

Stakeout – Tasks such as marking points, lines, parallels, arcs, or slopes are routine activities on construction sites, demanding both precision and adaptability. With the ability to interpret various file formats, the iCON site field software offers the versatility required for these tasks. Yet, its advantages extend beyond mere flexibility. Integrated tolerance checks enhance accuracy and minimise human errors, while reference lines aid in on-site orientation, ultimately boosting productivity by expediting these tasks.

Volumes – Calculations on stockpile volumes and earthworks cut and fill can be caried out in the field and reports produced and sent directly from iCON site running on your iCON field controller.

As-Built – Capture points, lines or arcs in one step and store millimetre accurate 3D data for progress tracking and completion. Verify correct on-site placement of walls, formwork, columns, pipes, etc., for in-field decisions where all results are immediately visible within the map views.


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